How To Reset Your Toyota Car Clock for Daylight Savings

March 9th, 2020 by

I know that you may be sleepy from losing an hour this past Sunday due to Daylight Savings Time, but not everything in our life adjusts automatically for us. Some of our clocks are connected via satellite and update automatically, but there are still some things that need to be changed manually like the clock in your Toyota.

Here is your guide to successfully resetting your Toyota vehicle’s clock. Each vehicle is different, so there are different methods. The first thing you must do is identify the type of clock you have in your car and know where the clock is located. 

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Car Radio

If your vehicle was made in the early 2000s or even decades before, time reset buttons are typically on the car radio dial. 

Some newer models may have a type of menu button, which should allow you to find the settings page with clock as an option. 

Although, some older models typically have manual buttons to help you update the time. There should be very small buttons labeled H and M (hours, minutes). You may need to use a pencil or paperclip to change the time, these buttons were made tiny and flat so that drivers won’t touch them accidentally change the time.


Digital Display Screen

It is typical to see digital display screens, that are touchscreens or have buttons around the large screen. Which are typically in place of the car radio, so if your vehicle’s display screen does not have a Clock/Time button on the Main/Home menu, be sure to check your settings for the clock option. 


Driver’s Display

Typically the driver’s displays won’t be between the seats but instead right behind the steering wheel of the driver’s seat, where you should see the speedometer and your fuel tank gauge. If you have a car with a modern digital display screen, then your driver’s display screen can allow you to change the time. Although others may need to be manually set. 

In order to set the driver’s display clock manually, you should have a similar setup like the car radio controls. You should have small, extended knobs or buttons to push behind the steering wheel. With buttons for hours and minutes, easy to spot and should be grouped together. 


None of these methods working?

If none of these methods were applicable to your vehicle, and the clock hasn’t changed automatically from a linked satellite, we strongly recommend checking your vehicle’s manual, or an online search for your specific model and year. 


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