Toyota Hybrid Technology

2021 Toyota Venza on City Street

You’ll find Toyota hybrid technology available with models as diverse as the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Highlander. That technology is designed for you to get the most from your Austin drive while enjoying fewer emissions and stronger efficiency ratings. To help you understand how that happens and which Toyota vehicles offer the hybrid synergy drive, we’ve put together this quick and easy guide covering the Toyota Hybrid lineup.

Toyota Hybrid Technology

Toyota vehicles have always been responsible for pushing automotive technology forward, so the latest hybrid synergy drive system is naturally one of the industry’s most advanced. Hybrid models feature:

  • Gas Engine: Built for high efficiency and low emissions, your Toyota hybrid’s gas engine provides a solid power foundation.
  • Electric Drive Motor: This state of the art AC synchronous-type motor uses permanent neodymium magnets and a rotor consisting of stacked electromagnetic steel plates to produce both high output and drive torque.
  • Power Control Unit: The brains of the hybrid system integrates the gas engine and electric motor for seamless power delivery to achieve the highest levels of performance.
  • High Voltage Battery: The hybrid nickel-metal hydride HV battery never needs plugging it because it’s constantly re-charged by either the gas engine or through the generator. It maintains efficiency for up to 300,000 km without deteriorating.
  • Generator: The AC synchronous-type generator charges the battery and supplies power to your high-output electric drive motor or motors.
  • Planetary Gear: Splits power between the engine, motor/generator, and wheels into just about any combination you could think of.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime on Highway
2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid on City Street

Hybrid Toyota Models

Hybrid technology isn’t reserved solely for compact vehicles when you shop with Honda. Leander drivers will find compacts, sedans, and crossovers featuring Toyota hybrid technology, including:

Plug-in Toyota models include:

Explore Hybrid Toyota Technology at Toyota of Cedar Park

Toyota hybrids deliver exceptional performance and efficiency as you cover the roads of Georgetown and beyond. To find out more or arrange a test drive, don’t hesitate to contact us directly or drop by our showroom and be sure to compare gas vs. hybrid models with our team.

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